About Us

The Colorado Lobbyists Association is a professional society open to individuals who are registered as professional or state lobbyists in Colorado and also to individuals, groups and companies who support lobbying and other government-relations activities in the state.

Our activities include:

• Promoting and maintaining high ethical standards in the profession of lobbying
• Working with the legislature and executive branch to develop appropriate laws and rules governing the practice of lobbying
• Promoting the profession with the public, businesses, associations, media, educational institutions and consumer groups

Having formed in 2017, we intend to:

• Sponsor a breakfast series featuring political speakers and other major players in state government
• Operate members-only discussion groups to facilitate collaboration between lobbyists
• Conduct annual retreats for members to gain information on legislative issues
• Publish an online as well as a pictorial directory of our membership
• Support scholarship programs for students who have an interest in our profession