Emails Warn Workers At Colorado Capitol Not To Speak To Press

Posted: March 13, 2018

More than 100 Senate staff, aides and interns have been warned against speaking to journalists about workplace issues, including sexual harassment, and the trainings aimed at preventing it, KUNC reports. 

At issue are two emails KUNC obtained from Senate sources that say it is a violation of the chamber's policies for workers to grant interviews to reporters. A third email, sent directly to KUNC by the top Senate administrator, asked KUNC to tell members of other news organizations not to approach aides and interns for interviews, but rather to speak with communications secretaries. "We didn't act on that request because it's not our role to direct the reporting of other news organizations."

The emails have raised the issue of freedom of speech for some at the Capitol at a time when people are speaking out against sexual harassment in hopes of improving workplace culture, KUNC said. 

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