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CLA Responds To Draft Changes in Colorado Lobbyist Regulations

Posted: March 8, 2018

The Colorado Lobbyists Association today submitted its formal response to draft rules changes being proposed by the Colorado Secretary of State's Office. 

CLA's response will soon be posted on the secretary of state's website and can be viewed here. The deadline to respond is 5 p.m. Friday, March 9, 2018.

The draft rules and other comments submitted are accessible here. 

CLA commented on the following provisions: 

Rule 2.2.3 (c)(1)

This rule adds a new requirement that lobbyists or lobbying firms must disclose a “summary of the terms of the agreement” for “new engagements”. CLA objects to this new rule for several reasons, including that it is entirely inconsistent with Rule 3.2.2(A)(1) and (2), which only requires a lobbyist or lobbying firm to disclose, in part, “a description of the business activity in which the individual is engaged” or “a description in the which the business is engaged” for its monthly disclosure.

Rule 2.2.4

This proposed rule change requires a lobbyist or lobbying firm to amend their monthly disclosure statement within 72 hours of their change of position on a bill. In CLA's view, this is a logistical and burdensome requirement for a lobbyist or lobbying firm to undergo.

Rule 4.1

CLA proposes a change to the current Rule 5.2, which is to become Rule 4.2, about Complaints. While there are no suggested substantive changes to this rule, the association requests that a provision be added to prohibit any form of anonymous complaints.



Capitol Floor & Committee Display Monitors Now Accessible On The Internet

Posted: March 8, 2018

Capitol committee and floor display monitors now are being live-streamed on the Internet.



Kelly Sloan Of Sloan & Associates Public Affairs Is CLA's Newest Member

Posted: March 8, 2018

The newest member of the Colorado Lobbyists Association is Kelly Sloan of Sloan & Associates Public Affairs. 

Sloan & Associates is a Denver-based full service public affairs firm offering lobbying/government relations, communications, policy analysis, PAC management, media relations and political consultancy services.

Just entering its fifth full month, CLA is two-thirds of the way to its first-year goal of 100 professional lobbyist members. 

Not a member? Join today!


91.3% Of Colorado Lobbyists Back Capitol ID Card; Show Your Support

March 8, 2018

The Colorado Lobbyists Association recently surveyed Colorado lobbyists -- members and prospective members -- and found that a staggering 91.3% support Capitol ID Card legislation.

Nearly 74% of lobbyists report having to enter the Capitol complex 2-5 times daily -- a considerable inconvenience given occasionally long lines and repeat security scans. 

Lobbyists best like these aspects of a Capitol ID card program: It would require a CBI background check (65.12%); the ID card would have to be displayed for search bypass (62.79%); and it would require an application (58.14%).

Other statehouses nationally have similar card programs.

Lobbyists and others will wear sky-blue “Capitol Clear” badges (like the one published here) to express their support. The badges have arrived, and CLA members and prospective members can grab a supply of them beginning Friday, March 9. 



Sandra Hagen Solin Joins Kutak Rock's Government Relations Group

Posted: March 8, 2018

Kutak Rock announced that Sandra Hagen Solin has joined the firm's Government Relations Practice Group.

Solin focuses her work on a variety of industries, including business, development, land use, infrastructure, public finance, technology, transportation, energy, utilities, tourism and economic development. 

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